Radio Flyer Magazine Ad

Childhood is all about letting imagination fly free. This ad for Radio Flyer gives a playful, child-like look at the classic wagons we grew up with.

Magazine Ad

Creative Brief

Product Details and Background:

Radio Flyer is a brand that symbolizes childhood. Their classic red and white wagons have withstood the test of time, making Radio Flyer the world’s largest producer of toy coaster wagons. Recently, the brand has branched out to offer products for kids of all ages including their line of “Ride-Ons” for toddlers, bikes and trikes for preschoolers, and scooters for elementary-aged kids. However, the Radio Flyer wagon is the brand’s most established product.

The wagons come in several different styles, including classic steel and wood models as well as new plastic models. These range in price from $74.99 to $259.99 depending on size and style. Customers are also able to design their own models with the new Build-A-Wagon option. Custom wagons start at $105.00 and offer choices on wheel-type, comfort, storage, entertainment, and sun protection.

While the Build-A-Wagon option is only available on, preexisting wagon models are available at several retailers. These include Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Sears, K-Mart, Fleet Farm, privately owned boutiques, and more. In the past, Radio Flyer has advertised in magazines such as “Parenting” and “AARP,” targeting parents and grandparents of small children. More recently, the brand put out two television commercials, advertising their new scooters to older kids. In general, Radio Flyer does not spend much money on advertising, relying instead on their recognized brand name.

Brand Promise: Radio Flyer wagons will encourage children in active, imaginative play.


Parents ages 25-35 who are focused on spending quality time with their young children.  They have just moved to a family-friendly neighborhood in or near a large city. Their annual income is between $50K-$75K, and Mom has decided to start working part-time in order to spend more time with her two kids. On the weekends, the family enjoys taking trips to the zoo, pumpkin patch, local park, and neighborhood ice cream shop. The family takes a one-week vacation every summer where they spend time hiking and sightseeing. Mom and Dad want to create memories for their kids and encourage them to experiment and learn while being active and imaginative.


Encourage target audience to visit the Radio Flyer website and build a wagon for their family. Make them feel that Radio Flyer wagons will help them create the best memories for their kids.

Message Strategy: Emotional. Use nostalgia to cause parents to recall their own fond memories of family outings.

Strategy Statement: Advertising will convince parents ages 25-35 that Radio Flyer will encourage their children in active, imaginative play.

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